Hi there

Hi! I’m Sheila. I make things. Compulsively, obsessively even. Making is my way to keep sane most days, and getting a finished item is sometimes a side benefit. I’ve been making something for as long as I can remember, and it’s been vital to my well-being at many times along the way. Not only is the making therapeutic, but the process is always intriguing. I dig down deep to find the way it’s been done before and investigate what the reasons were and then I experiment with how it can be done differently and if different is better or appropriate or even wise.

My interests include everything about both traditional and modern textile arts. This blog will be a place to keep the stories of the things that inspire me and possibly provide a record of the things that get completed. Or maybe only started.

Whatever gets accomplished here is just one part of the process. I needed a place to write down the process to get it out of my head and there are only so many people in my house who have interest in this process for now. (and by so many I mean literally only one, and that one probably is more interested after a bourbon!)

I feel like a public place to blog is important because I know there are others that care about these things and that I can enter into a conversation with. I’d love to hear how others #process the making of their things. There truly are so many different ways to accomplish the same things. There are no “quilt police” or “embroidery police” here, though. Only open minds to experiment and discover and enjoy the ride. I want to try new things and hear how the things you have tried have worked or not worked, too.

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