Snovid21: blanket kit: rodeo

So, it’s actually Rodeo time here, and the show must go on, despite a global pandemic. How fitting that I completed this Rodeo themed blanket this week as well.

This kit was from Shannon Fabrics – it’s a strip-quilt that comes with several cuts of wonderful fabrics for the top and binding, and you get to choose how to divide up the included fabric and set the stripe pattern. The fun part is that you assemble the whole thing “quilt as you go style,” do when you get the last strips on, you have already quilted it across all the layers.

The process is simple: choose backing, spray baste a batting on, and start stitching the strips on through all the layers, stitch and flip style. Before long, my blanket was complete. I simply squared it up and applied the binding. And voila, snovid21 quilt 4 was complete.

I chose to let the printed panel shine as an uncut centerpiece of the blanket, and arrange the other stripes according to the suggested layout. The kit includes several suggestions for laying the strips out and very detailed instructions for cutting, assembling, and sewing. it’s a great starter project if you are new to seeing with Cuddle and Luxe Cuddle fabrics, and a chance to build some skills and practice sewing in a straight line!

I chose a batting that didn’t require close quilting, but I think I may go in and do a little bit of machine quilting even though it’s already bound. If I add that I will update this post to reflect how that went.

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