Snovid21: Quilt 2: Jelly Roll Race and FMQ

This quilt I pieced as soon as I got my new sewing machine (a Janome 6700P). I had picked up this jelly roll at the dealer, when I was scoping out their machines, and the fun bright 70’s style just grabbed me. It sat on the shelf for a week or so before I justContinue reading “Snovid21: Quilt 2: Jelly Roll Race and FMQ”

Snovid21: four new blankets : blanket 1

It got so cold here in Texas this week that entire electrical grid failed, which led to city water supply failing. Which led to two days without power or water. Houses in Texas are built to stay cool – it never really gets or stays truly cold. But it gets over 100 degrees F everyContinue reading “Snovid21: four new blankets : blanket 1”